Brelund is the eastern most of the three human kingdoms. It is the most diverse of the kingdoms and serves as a melting pot for the world’s cultures and races. It is the second oldest of the kingdoms of man, behind Caldimar. With its capitol city of Srin located in the south, the kingdom’s far northern half is quite isolated from the glory and benefits of the southern half.


Brelund’s government is ran and balanced by two different powers: The King and the Council of Eight.

The King of Brelund is chosen by the Council of Eight. The king is always chosen from the Cassrin bloodline, but does not have to be a direct descendant of the previous king, but must bear the name Cassrin legitimately. The powers of the king are severely dependent on the Council of Eight. The king has the ability command the armies of Brelund, but must obtain the Council’s permission before declaring war. The king is also responsible for creating laws and submitting them to the council for review. The current king is Content Not Found: atlin-cassrin.

The Council of Eight consists of a combination of guild masters, diplomats, and respected advisers. They are responsible for regulating various aspects of the kingdom and voting on actions and laws suggested by the king. Though they regulate the king’s powers, they are not able to make any major decisions without the king’s consent.


Brelund’s armies are smaller than all of the other human, elf, and dwarf armies. However, they make up for it, by having the best trained and disciplined mages in all of Dul’Orin. Their military’s use of magic is capable of such devastation that it would be suicide for any nation to declare war on Brelund. It is a combination of their magical prowess and their peaceful political relationships that keep Brelund relatively safe and make them a desirable ally for all of the civil nations.


Brelund’s culture is not truly its own. With so many races from all over Dul’Orin, there is very little consistency in ideologies and behaviors. There is a wide acceptance of different religions, as well as a wide acceptance of racial differences. Far from the war-ravaged borders of The Westland Realm and the savage and terrifying mysteries of south Caldimar, Brelund is able to focus on progress through magic and innovation instead of war. Therefore, Brelund’s population is more open-minded and accepting of change. As a whole, Brelunders are considered much friendlier folk than those elsewhere.


Srin (Capitol)

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