Caldimar lies in the eastern part of Dul’Orin. It is bordered by the Gremlar Uplands to the north, the Frostwyrm Spine to the east, the kingdom of Norda to the west, and Horlund to the south. Caldimar is famous for it military prowess and its largely religious culture.


The highest governing body of Caldimar is the Council of the Gods. The Council of the Gods is made up of five high priests. Each high priest represents one of the orders of the five gods. While the common people believe each of the gods to be equal, the various orders are known to partake in flimsy alliances and backstabbing when it suits them. Each section of the council is responsible for various aspects of the regulating the realm of Caldimar. However, major decisions, law, war, and diplomacy are all handled by the council collectively.

Rift Manipulation


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