Gremlar Uplands

The Gremlar Uplands is a hilly region of land that is incredibly high above sea level. It is wedged between the Frostwyrm Spine to the east and the Iron Pike Mountains to the west. It is bordered by the Evercloud Wild to the north and Caldimar to the south. The Gremlar Uplands earn its name from the various gremlar clans that populate the region. The once united and respected clans have since fallen into disarray. Plagued by infighting and petty grudges, the stubbornness of the gremlar has led to rising tension and violence among many of the major clans and has opened the uplands to be susceptible to raiding parties of ogren barbarians from the north.


The gremlar clans are each lead by a chief. While each clan differs in the qualities they look for in their chiefs, all clans elect their chiefs by having all elder male clan members cast votes. The chief has a number of chieftains underneath him that are each responsible for different branches of the clans.

The Great Gremlar Clans

Clan Bristlebark
The Bristlebark Clan is one of the most formidable of all of the gremlar clans. Their homes are built among the branches of the last standing bristlepine tree as well as within its trunk and around its base. They are extremely protective of their home and they tend to be very untrusting of strangers as a result.

Their clan values cunning above all else and their chiefs tend to exemplify this quality to the extreme. The Bristlebark clan has a tendency to play dirty, only make deals when they know they can come out on top, and not leave anything to chance.

Their bristlepine tree is home to the last known group of bristlepine ravens, massive birds that serve as flying mounts for the gremlar. The ravens are what makes the Bristlebark clan so formidable. The birds are used for war, travel, and trade. The eggs of bristlepine ravens are heavily guarded and are so valuable that it is punishable by death if one is caught attempting to steal or sell them.

Their banners are white with a black raven spreading its wings.

Clan Felhollow

Clan Ironburrow

Clan Riverstone

Rift Manipulation

The gremlar have the weakest connection with the Rift of all the mortal races. As the Gremlar Uplands are populated almost exclusively by gremlar, it stands to reason that there is very little rift usage in the region. The small handful of Gremlar that do show an affinity for Rift manipulation in the uplands are usually sent to their patron clan for training as runesmiths.

Gremlar Uplands

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